Endodontist Riverview, FL

Endodontist Dr. J. Mauricio Giraldo, D.D.S.

Offers a friendly and special caring environment for root canal and Endodontic treatment. Active Care Endodontics partners with your dentist in delivering optimal dental care for you. We offer same day emergency treatment, and maintain contact with you through the conclusion of your case. We provide the highest standard of professional care.

Dr. Mauricio Giraldo

Has been a practicing endodontist for over 20 years, has devoted his life to excellence in the art and science of endodontics and to provide the highest standards of patient care. Dr. Giraldo enjoys serving the community because he lives here.

Riverview-root canal-Dr Giraldo-Active Care EndodonticsDr. Mauricio Giraldo’s office in Brandon is conveniently located near the Brandon Westfield Mall. The result of endodontic treatment can be dramatic – relief of pain, beautiful smiles, improved dental health, and enhanced quality of life for people of all ages. Endodontist Dr. Giraldo provides complete Endodontic care including:

  • Endodontic & root canal therapy overview
  • Endodontic procedures we provide
  • Endodontic retreatment
  • Implant placement recommendations when the tooth cannot be saved
  • Treatment for teeth with traumatic injuries

A root canal is a common dental procedure performed with well over 15 million procedures each year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants and bridges. Infection can be caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks and chips, or repeated dental procedures. Symptoms of an infection can be identified by severe toothache pain upon chewing or application of pressure, prolonged sensitivity/ pain to heat or cold temperatures (after the hot and cold have been removed), or the visible injury or swelling of the tooth area. If you experience any of these symptoms, call us for an immediate appointment to diagnose you condition. Dr. Giraldo provides root canal therapy to Riverview and surrounding areas.